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Friday, December 2, 2016

Brief Update



I just decided to blogwalking and when I suddenly came across my own blog. Lamanyaaa aku tinggal sampai bersawang.

I've read all my previous posts and rasa macam banyaknya benda yang dah berlalu dan banyaknyaa benda yang aku tak update.

The last update was on GeNexter Jamboree dated back in November 2014. Hahahahaha. How time flies.

Dan masa blogwalking (on my own blog of course!) <----- narcissist detected, I saw satu post waaaaayyyyy back in February 2013! Hahaha

I'll just put it here

Hmm. Wonder how I was sooo rajin nak update blog before before this and now dah sampai tahap malas macampagi..

Thanks to 19, 20, 21 years old Aidurrah, at least aku ingat la cerita cerita best jalan jalan masa cuti sem. Hiks!


And now, let's get this blog up to date again! :*


For a brief update on how I was doing these past few years, you may check Aidurrah Syazwani on Instagram (it's private so please request). But worry not! Aku akan update jugak suka duka sepanjang dua tahun yang terlepas on this blog. Cuma mungkin makan masa la sikit.

But I still love blogging xoxo

p/s: Here's a picture in case you miss me

No filter. Seriously no filter

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